RP40701 Cutter Replacement Kit (see part number RP40703/RP40704/RP40705



See RP40703:

• Used to repair all blades on TDH machines
• Used on TDE110 units S/N: 618027 and
NEWER if shoulder bolt and cutter return
springs are not needed

See RP40704:

• For TDE110 units S/N: 618026 and OLDER
• Kit includes all necessary components to
convert the machine from 3/16″ to 1/4″
shoulder bolt

See RP40705:

• For TDE110 units S/N: 618027 and NEWER
• Contents of this kit include all parts
necessary to change all blades, springs, and
connecting hardware in a machine that is
currently equipped with a 1/4″ shoulder



RP40701 assembly includes a cutter blade holder, cutter blade-movable, fixed blade, fixed blade shoe, springs, set screw, four screws, two bushings and two cutter guides. For use in MSSC Model Numbers TDH, TDH110 & TDE110.


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