Alpha Industrial Supplies is proud to carry ITW Resin Enhanced Wax ribbon for general purpose use.
Resin enhanced wax ribbons are the most common general purpose bar code ribbon. Wax ribbons work well on coated and uncoated paper stocks, and print at higher speeds and lower temperatures than wax/resin or resin ribbons.
Our resin enhanced wax ribbon is a multipurpose bar code ribbon that yields excellent results on a broad range of media.  An economical solution for most general use applications, our ribbon utilizes our proprietary anti-static coating and high sensitivity inks, operates at low print energy, prolonging printhead life, and produces high quality, sharp, crisp bar codes and variable images.  In addition, the ink coating is solvent-free, making it an eco-friendly bar code ribbon solution.
Ideal applications for  resin enhanced wax ribbon include:

General purpose labeling

Inventory (shelf and bin labels)
Retail labeling
Warehouse and logistics

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